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Clásico del diseño moderno
Poul Kjaerholm
1929 Øster Vrå, Dinamarca

Uno de mis favoritos. Perfeccionista y detallista. Poul Kjaerholm creó algunas de las piezas de mobiliario más increíbles del diseño escandinavo.

Desde la web www.kjaerholmproduction.dk, empresa que produce algunas de las coffee tables que diseñó Poul Kjaerholm, su hijo Thomas Kjaerholm le hace este homenaje:

About Kjærholm Production. Because Fritz Hansen in 2003 declared that they were to end production of some of the world's most beautiful coffee tables. Because I have the same education my father had. And because I am the son of Poul Kjærholm. If no longer Fritz Hansen, who then? To me the answer was obvious. This is why Kjærholm Production became a reality. I would, however, never have dared to take on this responsibility were it not that I could face him with a clean conscience the day we meet again. To me he and his furniture command the greatest respect.

Coffee tables

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